Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Update: Tues evening... 24 hours in!

We have now been in occupation for over 24 hours. From the spontaneous decision to not move from Arts A2 lecture theatre following the meeting and speaker session last night, much has been achieved in this one day.

This afternoon two delegates from the occupation met with members of the Vice-Chancellor's office to discuss the terms with which they were presented this morning. They were received with politeness and sympathy, however none of the demands have been met. As a result we have resolved to continue to strengthen our campaign and appeal to all those who have not done so yet to come along to Arts A2 and get involved.

There will be a rally and a march tomorrow starting at 1pm around the central university area where we will hear from speakers and visibly express our condemnation of the Israeli atrocities in Gaza with a strong and vocal presence. A silent occupation will also continue throughout daytime lectures until 5pm. External speakers are being arranged for the early evening and will be confirmed shortly.

Relations with campus security have been amiable, and the atmosphere of the day's events dynamic and enjoyable. Statements of support have been arriving thick and fast from all quarters and we were inspired by the news this morning that London School of Economics have succeeded in getting all bar one of their demands met and that this afternoon Warwick university students have also now occupied a space on their campus. We feel as though we are truly part of a national movement and two delegates will be attending a press conference at LSE tomorrow alongside members of all other occupied universities.

There is to be an information stall set up in Arts A2 where anybody will be able to come and pick up information and petitions to disseminate among friends and within their lectures. We urge everybody to talk about the occupation with as many people as you can and encourage your friends and classmates to come and show their support. There will also be a hot evening meal every night (many thanks to the Islamic society and to the Autonomous Cafe for their amazing contributions tonight) and there are snacks, tea and coffee throughout the day.

Tonight we aim to catch up on a bit of sleep, and start tomorrow fresh and ready for renewed creative action.

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