Friday, 27 February 2009

Plymouth Victory!

After four days of occupation, Plymouth University Occupation has announced victory. Check out their statement on their blog at

The following has been agreed to by the university:

- The University of Plymouth will set up a humanitarian scholarships scheme, for students that for reasons of war, natural disaster or other calamity, are unable to continue to study at their home university. This will be a yearly recurring scheme, and the first 6 scholarships will be offered specifically to students of University of Gaza for the next academic year.

- The University of Plymouth will work with the other 30+ occupied universities to send aid and surplus materials to Gaza as a collective.

- Delegates from the occupation along with members of the Students' Union will put forward their case for an ethical investment plan (something that the University of Plymouth currently does not have) in six weeks time. This will include ending links with BAE Systems and an on-campus boycott of Israeli goods.

- There will be no legal, financial, or academic measures taken against anyone involved in or supporting the occupation.

Congratulations to Plymouth! We wish you all the best in solidarity in the ongoing movement. We also continue our solidarity with the students still in occupation at Byam Shaw, UEL, and Manchester, the last of which is the longest running student occupation at 23 days! Follow their blogs by clicking on their links at the right, under "Solidarity."