Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Tuesday afternoon update.

Following last night's spontaneous decision after the rally to begin an occupation with immediate effect, many people brought blankets and sleeping bags to spend the night in Arts A2, with some working groups working round the clock to put everything in place for today's university day. It is the stated intention of the occupation not to disrupt in any way the education of our fellow students and as such we have decided to allow all lectures to continue as normal and free entry to students in and out of the occupied space. A statement was sent out to lecturers this morning by email informing them of our purpose and intentions and requesting a couple of minutes space at the beginning of lectures to raise awareness of the occupation, its causes and its aims.

After some initial verbal and physical aggravation from one or two isolated members of campus security this morning (including doors being forced shut and one protestor's phone being grabbed from out of his hands whilst filming the aggressive behaviour) scheduled lectures resumed in Arts A2 at 10:00am with 15 protestors maintaining a symbolic presence at the back of the room. Lecturers and students have been generally very receptive to the occupation with a stall in library square also gathering interest and petition signatures. Spirits are high, despite the lack of sleep for some, and we have plenty of food and tasks to keep us going! The local and national press have been contacted and the university management has agreed to meet two students this afternoon to discuss our demands. We have received numerous statements of support already from students of Sussex and other universities and even the international community.

Please also join our facebook group: 'Support to Sussex University Occupation' and email statements of support to:

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