Thursday, 29 January 2009

Shame on the Cambridge University management!

The Cambridge University occupation in solidarity with Gaza have been having a tough time of it, with their university administration using such devious and intimidatory tactics as photographing occupants and recording their details (multiple times!), throwing away occupants' food supplies, stop-and-searches of staff and students to ensure that no food gets through (on "health and safety" grounds!), issuing legal threats, giving impossible time-frames for negotiations, preventing students from joining the protests and telling students that they would not be allowed to re-enter the occupation after they had already left. Yesterday visiting speaker Craig Murray was prevented from entering the building and had to address occupants and gathered crowds from within a ring of university officials acting like a police kettle. Cambridge students have explicitly stated their commitment to a peaceful occupation and to the non-disruption of their fellow students from the outset. Many staff and students and even politicians have expressed their outrage and support. The occupation says "Cambridge University claims to be stand for values of freedom of expression, and these worrying actions prove this claim false and set a dangerous precedent for future student activists." This kind of authoritarian harassment and siege from the University of Cambridge is unacceptable, hypocritical, disruptive to other students, and generally does them huge discredit. Please use the template on the right hand side of this page to send a letter of disgust (or write your own) to the vice-chancellor at

Final speaker session today 5pm and party!

Please come along to Mandela hall today for our final speaker session and rally at 5pm.

Jeremy Corbyn; a labour MP and anti-war activist. "Since 2005 he has defied the whip 148 times, making him by far the most rebellious Labour MP."

A member of the International Solidarity Movement will talk about their work and experiences on the ground in Palestine.

Sussex students and members of the recent delegation to Palestine will talk about the Brighton-Tubas twinning initiative, including their plans for the next delegation over to Sussex from Tubas and how you can get involved.

We will also hear from members of the occupation and the student union, who will talk about how it all went and our next steps, and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

This will be followed by an open-mic session and celebratory party in Falmer bar!

There are still lots of jobs to get done today: please check the gmail account for a list of them and sign up.

Nottingham university occupied!

Solidarity to Nottingham university who yesterday became the latest to join the UK wave of occupations.

They say the following:

"A group of students has peacefully occupied Room B63 Law and Social
Sciences this evening in solidarity with the people of Gaza. This
occupation is the 17th in the U.K since the New Year.

We will not lift the occupation until our demands have been met. The
demands are currently being finalised and include a statement from the
university and the providing of aid and scholarships to Palestinian
students in Gaza.

We are asking anyone who empathises with our cause to come down and
join the demonstration.