Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Some statements of support

We are grateful for the many statements of solidarity and support that we have received since we started our occupation. These are some of them:

"You are doing great work. There are so many actions taking place in Brighton in solidarity with the people of Palestine - let's hope that together we can make our voices heard and make a difference." Ann Hallam, Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign
"I have just heard about your occupation and wish to applaud your brave and
principled stance. The assault by Israel on Gaza was a brutal act of state
terrorism and a crime against humanity. Any institution that gives support to
this state and its institutions is clearly in breach of human rights laws and the
Geneva Convention. You are not alone and I very much hope that some real justice
comes from your action." - Dr. R. Hasan, Senior Lecturer, SPRU - Science &
Technology Policy Research

"Solidarity greetings from Kings College London Socialist Students to you! We were very excited to hear you had gone into occupation as well"

"All our luck and solidarity" - Warwick Socialist Students

"Solidarity greetings from the Wednesday branch of the Brighton and Hove Socialist Party. We stand in solidarity with you and the workers in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. For a socialist Middle East free from war, poverty and terror."

"Just wanted to say well done for occupying at Sussex... this wave of occupations is incredibly inspiring, and I was really pleased to hear about you following in the steps of LSE, SOAS and all the others in taking action. Solidarity from Manchester." - Siobhan

"In our consumerist and celebrity obsessed age many people don't want to know about wars and conflicts, it's too ugly and uncomfortable. But how can it be that our comfortable lifestyles are based on so much suffering in the world. Let's not put up with it. It's fantastic that you guys take this action." -
Susanne Schuster

"Just wanted to send you a message of support for your actions in defence of Palestine. Keep up the pressure - you will be an inspiration to others." - Dr Karen Evans, Senior Lecturer, School of Sociology and Social Policy and National Executive of UCU

"I am a lecturer in the law department at London Met and have just heard of your occupation. What's happened in Gaza has disgusted millions around the world and we can't allow Israel to continue to deny any humanity to the Palestinians and keep on flouting International Law. I'm writing to express my full support for what you are doing. Keep it up...nothing changes unless people stand up and demand change." - Rob Murthwaite

"Stay strong safe and wise because you´re about to do something big." - Francisco Silva, Tasca Do Chico blog

"Your action gives me hope for the future. It's wonderful to know that there are young people who are well informed
and prepared to do something for a better world." -Vesna Main

"Congratulations on your brilliant action! Keep up the struggle. Palestine must be free!" -
John Molyneux
Secretary, Portsmouth Stop the War Coalition

"I'm one of the Sussex profs who signed the letter in the Guardian. I'm so glad to hear
you're taking action, and I wanted to write to you to give you my support. I've been in Cairo,
so haven't been able to come to the meeting, nor will I be able to go on the march today.
I am here with Palestinian colleagues - including a colleague from Gaza who lost family and
friends in the attack, and whose son has survived but been traumatised by seeing children die.
They urge us all to demonstrate and to keep on demonstrating, and to put on the pressure
for a full boycott of Israel." -
Andrea Cornwall

"Solidarity with the occupying students of Sussex. Free, free Palestine." - Malcolm Povey,UCU National Executive (Personal Capacity)

"Tonight's meeting of the Manchester Trades Union Council, with delegates from branches of the RMT, UNITE, UNISON, FBU, NUJ, PCS, USDAW and UCU unions, voted unanimously to send a message of support to the
student occupations in Sussex, Warwick, King's and LSE protesting Israel's attack on Gaza and its continuing blockade. We consider your example of action in solidarity with the oppressed, against the is an inspiration to us
all in the struggle for justice for Palestine." -
Geoff Brown, Secretary, Manchester Trades Union Council

"These are very dark days for the Palestinians. The savage Israeli assault on them has ended but the occupation has not. I salute you on the brave stand you have taken on behalf of the people of Gaza. Keep up the struggle for justice for the Palestinians!" - Avi Shlaim, FBA Professor of International Relations, St Antony's College, Oxford

"As a long standing member of PSC who has sometimes felt that we are shouting into the wind, it is wonderful for us too to know that our message is no longer going unheard. Actions like yours can only help to bring the issues to more general public awareness. Thank you and good luck." - Penny Porter, Treasurer Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign

"It is wrong that:

In Gaza , children,
you learn that the sky kills
and that houses hurt.
You learn that your blanket is smoke
and breakfast is dirt.

You learn that cars do somersaults
clothes turn red,
friends become statues,
bakers don't sell bread.

You learn that the night is a gun,
that toys burn
breath can stop,
it could be your turn.

You learn:
if they send you fire
they couldn't guess:
not just the soldier dies -
it's you and the rest.

Nowhere to run,
nowhere to go,
nowhere to hide
in the home you know.

You learn
that death isn't life,
that air isn't bread,
the land is for all.
You have the right to be
Not Dead.
You have the right to be
Not Dead.
You have the right to be
Not Dead.

Michael Rosen

It is right that you occupy against this wrong. Thankyou"
Alan Miller Lecturer University of St Andrews

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