Monday, 16 March 2009

Sheffield occupied today!

Breaking news!

Two lecture theatres at Sheffield University have been occupied in solidarity with Palestine since 7pm this evening! Check out their blog at

Slightly older news...

Newcastle have been successful in negotiating some of their demands following a short occupation of the fine arts building on their campus from 10th-11th March.

Having finally taken the decision to end the occupation with the demo following a whole month occupying various university buildings, Manchester Uni have made some progress in negotiations with the demand for the shipping of surplus resources having been fully met along with greater transparency over the university's investment portfolio. They also have a student slate standing for union election this Thursday.

There have also been news of two other student occupation actions in Okinawa, Japan (over lay-offs and course reductions) and in the Technological Institute of Puerto Rico, Manati (over closure of facilities and overpopulation of students).

General meeting this Wednesday is at 2pm!!! Meet Falmer Common Room.

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  1. on Wednesday 18th March, at 6pm in Arts 103, Eric Lee, a prominent Israeli Socialist, will be talking on Socialism in Israel, with time for questions. It will be good to hear a different perspective on some of these issues.