Monday, 23 March 2009

Feedback from the last meeting.

Detailed minutes can be found in the Sussex occupation gmail account. This is what we're busy with at the moment...

A big organisational meeting with all involved groups and people has been called for Thursday of week one (23/04). We will be deciding on a group name and identity among other things - write the date down now!

There will be a referendum next term on the issue of a union boycott of Israeli goods. The boycott was the most controversial of all of the occupation demands with much debate and diverse opinion on the useful extent and effectiveness of this tactic. We want to see this continue to be a lively topic engaging students across campus in the run-up to the referendum and to raise people's awareness of the underlying issues... contact the boycott and divestment group at to get involved in planning the campaign.

The Brighton-Tubas friendship and solidarity group will be hosting another delegation of students from Al Quds university (with which Sussex is twinned) on the 20th April (1st week of term). We need to plan events! To get involved or if you have any ideas for activities, or know of any interested groups, societies, academics or departments please contact

Sheffield university are still in occupation. A message of solidarity was sent to them last week (see blog). They are hosting a panel of members of other occupations this Tuesday from 4pm. If anyone would like to go down and represent Sussex (or write a brief account of the Sussex occupation with tips and advice) please let Leila know asap ( for contact details.

There will be a national gathering in London (UCL) on the 18th April to draw together people from the occupations and other areas of the student movement and think about where we go from here. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the organisation (whether you were involved in the occupations or not): add your name to the organising list by emailing, or contact the national liaison group at

We want to set up a post-occupation website that can function as both a publicity and an organising tool. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved please contact the publicity group at

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