Thursday, 22 January 2009

Update Thursday afternoon

Sussex university management have opened engagement with the occupation and negotiations have begun. The liaison team have received a letter from the vice-chancellor's office which will be presented at today's general meeting at 7pm following the rally at 5pm with talks from Andrew Chitty and Jeremy Corbyn, MP. Please come along to discuss our response.

Two delegates from the occupation, Bushra and Riya, today attended a national press conference and have been interviewed by Al Jazeera television and Iranian TV channel Press TV.

A banner was hung on the front of the Arts1 building last night. The banner reads: 'End the siege of Gaza now'.


  1. well done everyone - great to see students revolting again. We had 300 at our Stop the War public meeting with Tony Benn, a speaker from Palestine (occupied East Jerusalem) last night in Tottenham.

    End the Siege - Kick out the Isreali ambassadoe - boycott Israeli goods - Victory to the resistance

    GaryM Tottenham SWP

  2. Hey guys,

    I have found a link on the Israeli Indymedia that reports the effects of the general boycott of Israeli goods.

    Follow and see -,2506,L-3656454,00.html

    Also we should put up the Israeli Indymedia site for a bit to show that there is resistance within Israel.

    Peace from the library monsters

  3. Is it possible for the exact link to the press conference with Bushra and Riya to be posted? (I've trying to find it on the websites but am having difficulty)

  4. Lots and lots of support from a student who was involved in the Oxford occupation. Keep going until you get what you need, guys!


  5. Well done! I've posted a story on my blog of the Sussex occupation and other student occupations.

    In solidarity

    Tony Greenstein
    Jews 4 Boycotting Israeli Goods