Saturday, 24 January 2009

Update Saturday afternoon

It has been a very calm and focused day so far. The absence of lectures and thus our ability to make full use of Arts A2 throughout the day has enabled long and in-depth discussion of our demands, which is still going on at present. This morning many people participated in a workshop on consensus decision making and it seems to be having benefits already with the discussion flowing much more smoothly and time considerations being met. A safer spaces policy was also drafted which will be presented to the group at 7:00 for discussion, and later this evening we will be relaxing with a film screening of Paradise Now.


  1. Never give up!
    I congratulate the Sussex University participants in this cause for your efforts for justice and right action!
    According to one source of mine, the Palestinians of Gaza who hear of our occupations are getting more strength in terms of hope etc.

    Thank you for your role in this,
    Warwick University participant of the sit-in of Lecture Room S0.21