Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Update and information Weds afternoon

Well after a little bit of a celebration last night, it's back to work again today for many of us, organising tomorrow's events and thinking about our next steps. The rally did not take place this morning as planned due to pretty horrible weather and it feels a little strange being back on campus and not being in occupation: walking up to Library Square and not seeing the Palestinian flag hanging above the Arts A building, but after a very long and trying week, the general mood is definitely one of victory and relief. Again, immense thanks to all those who supported us throughout the week in many different ways and who helped to make this a success, and solidarity to those around the country still in occupation.

Tomorrow we will be holding what may well be our final speaker session in Mandela Hall from 5-7pm, with Jeremy Corbyn MP (for real this time!) and a speaker from the International Solidarity Movement, as well as others. This will be followed by a discussion where students who were not a part of the occupation will have the chance to ask questions of those who were. Then afterwards we will all head to the bar for a well-deserved celebration and fundraiser with an open mic session followed by DJs.

If you're feeling that the end of the occupation has left a gap of action in your life, then this afternoon is the regular weekly Smash EDO noise demo from 4-6pm outside the ITT factory on home farm road (Moulsecombe, just past the bridge on the way into town from campus). Bring whistles, pots and pans etc. Also tonight is a screening of the excellent animated film Persepolis by the FilmSoc in Arts A2 at 7pm. Or if you just fancy a drink and maybe a bit of a song then come and join us in the Cowley Club on London Road for the regular weekly student night where we'll be trying to raise more funds for Palestine.

For all those interested in helping to take things forward, an organisational strategy meeting has been scheduled for Friday in Falmer House Rm 126. We will be organising through the Sussex Palestine Initiative, which brings together groups and individuals on campus and in Brighton interested in Palestine-related events. Please sign up to the email list for a a weekly email with a summary of events to come, and links to the relevant websites and facebook events, or join the facebook group.

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