Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Some more statements of support...

“You certainly aren't isolated - you're giving voice to the feelings of horror of the majority of people everywhere. Good on you.”- Ben Drake

“The occupation is not disruptive and even if it was having an impact on my cushti day to day student life- what a small price to pay. the organisers of this occupation have influenced people to stand up for what's right. I'm proud that I go to uni where such people exist.”- Huda Wallaya

“I was part of the LSE occupation and you are all amazing for sticking up for so many days and not giving in! Solidarity from the LSE!”- Anja Krausova

“I was a technician at bristol university for 15 years and a strong trade unionist and member of the joint unions committee. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to see students taking radical political action again. Don't let anyone tell you that you have no power.
Keep it up!”- Will Brown

“Glad to hear you're still going strong!All the best from King's!!!”- KLC occupation in solidarity with Gaza

“Complete solidarity from Scarborough. Keep it going until they get their heads out of their asses and do something about this shit!”- Ben Tyson

“Just wanted to send a message of solidarity from Campaign Against Arms Trade to those of you who have occupied your universities in solidarity with Gaza and to those of you who are continuing to do so. It is really exciting to see such a resurgence of direct action against the war and militarism on campus taking place, and to see the occupations spreading across the country. Your demands are important and it is impressive how many have been won!”- Anne-Marie, Campaign Against Arms Trade

keep it up!- Jesse Scharf

“I have just seen on the internet about your occupation in support of the people of Gaza and against the atrocities performed by the israeli govenment and military.
I would like to offer my support. Thanks- Supportive Brighton Resident, Sue

"This is to say how strongly I support your action, and how much I hope that our students here in Cardiff will follow your example. What the Israelis have done to the Palestinian people during these past months - with the active complicity of the American, British and many European governments - constitutes a war-crime of the first magnitude and a genocidal act by any reasonable definition of that term. If those who ordered this mass slaughter and who carried it out - politicians and military leaders alike - are not held accountable and made to answer for their actions under international law it will open to way to any number of future atrocities and crimes against humanity. Your courageous protest will at least make it more difficult for our government (along with the BBC and other agencies of mass disinformation) to continue in their present course of abject compliance with the dictates of US-Israeli axis propaganda. In solidarity and with the greatest admiration." - Christopher Norris, Professor of Philosophy, University of Cardiff, Wales

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  1. I am a member of Brighton and Hove council unison branch executive.Thankyou for inspiring all of us who want to take practical action to force our government and businesses to break its links with Israel. I spoke at the march for Gaza on the 11th Jan in Brighton about the good statements made by many union leaders opposing Israel's attack on Gaza. I also said that many union members worked in government offices that kept the Israeli embassy going, or making our arms dealings (a.k.a. gun running) with Israel possible,or keeping the BBC lie machine broadcasting.Your action shows how ordinary people can do more imaginative and practical things to help break this country's disgraceful links with Israel.Your action will be particularly welcomed by those in the middle east currently trying to build an anti-imperialist movement that DOESN'T view every Westerner as part of the problem. Dave Jones