Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday 23rd

Timetable for Friday 23rd

9am- Press and publicity working group meetings

9am-2.30pm- Occupation continues throughout lectures

2.30pm- Sussex academics speak on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and in support with the occupation. Confirmed speakers: Jan Selby (department of International Relations), Alana Lentin (Sociology), Mark Cushman (LSE occupation).

5pm- Stop the War representative visits occupation.

7pm- Organising meeting.

Forthcoming events/meetings:

Skype link with Palestine on monday evening.

Public information meeting about the demand to boycott Israeli goods on campus.

Consensus decision making workshop Saturday, time to be confirmed.

There are social events yet to be organised, including a fundraiser and gig.

If you would like to organise an event, have a skill or some knowledge you would like to share, or want to come and speak to the occupation please send an email to The occupied space is free and open; if you have any you views you would like to share or contributions you would like to make everyone is welcome.

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