Sunday, 25 January 2009

BBC Glasgow Occupied

We have just had news that a group of 50-100 protesters have staged an occupation at BBC's headquarters in Glasgow in protest against their refusal to broadcast the DEC humanitarian aid for Gaza appeal. The occupiers are demanding to speak with a senior BBC representative and are refusing to leave until the BBC reverse their decision.

Sussex occupation would like to express their support for the campaign.


  1. occupation has finished - word from the scene. bbc has promised to meet with protesters

  2. Thanks for your support guys. Unfortunately we were not able to hold out for a number of reasons - mostly due to the fact that we had children in on the occupation as well. BBC also refused to supply us with water and toilets. It was a pretty spontaneus call, so we didn't have a list of demands until we organised an occupation meeting, no sleeping it was a short occupation expressing solidarity with Palestine, condemnation at the BBC's hypocrisy and support to the striking students around the country. However, we have told the BBC if our demands are not met we will be back at an unarranged time and WILL occupy for as long as it takes.

    Victory to the Intifada! Glasgow Stop the War is with you!

    Glasgow Uni Stop the War